13 février 2020

Our trip in New Zealand

We have been in New Zealand, it was very great.The first day, we have visited Aoraki Mont Cook, it was very beautiful, we have walked during six hours for reach the summit.The night, we have ate with the persons, they were very nice, but they spoke German and Italian.So we have learnt the new word.Next we have been slept in the little hut, it was incredible.

The fird day, we have rested on an island,"The bay of island", the water was transparent and hot,it was heavenly.We haven't want go of the water.The midday we have ate in a restaurant"Inter Scaldes".Axel has ate a kiwi burger,Henri has ate a Hangi an for the dessert, we have took a louise cake.It was delicious, we have never ate something so good.

Afternoon, we have been in a spa "Paihia Beach Resort & Spa".This Spa was very luxurious and beautiful, this moment was very agreeable.The night, we have ate and slept in the spa,because he had also the fonction of hotel,we have slept well.

The next day, we have been at Auckland,this city is very great.We have shopped full of thing,another there was of sun,it was agreeable.The night, we have had the lucky of see a match of rugby at Eden park, this match confronted, Auckland rugby union against Counties manukau rugby union.Auckland rugby union has won twenty one at seven.It was beautiful match.

The fifth day, we have go diving at Poor knight island,he is known just as the best spot of dive of New Zealand.We have saw lot of fish,there were a kingfish,a snapper,a marlin and a whale.We have had the lucky of swim with a daulphins, it was wonderful experience, we forget never this day.

The next day, we have visited a cave at Waitomo.This cave, be home to the glow worms, it was a worm of the zize of a mosquito.They produce a blue light in the obscurity, it was beautiful.But for reach the cave,we have descended in rappel down of one hundred meter.In the cave, there were the water who flowed the long of the cave and on the face, reflected the blue light of a glow worms.

The last day, we went at the Wellington airport, this week was passed very speed.The New Zealand is a beautiful countrie,there are lot of activity and visit to do.We will never forget this trip, it was incredible.We recommend you this destination.




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